Taking Risks

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Paulo Coelho
“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” – Paulo Coelho

I do not know why, but those quotes have been occupying my mind since I found them Yesterday. Previously, it was so me. I do not like status qua and I love taking risks. What Paulo Coelho said is true. I gained many many experiences because of taking the risks and I really enjoyed all of those experiences which are priceless.

But now, in the upcoming months, I have to take another risk that is so hard. Sometimes I feel like just in the middle of a river, want to go back, do not want to continue my journey. I feel like too many wild animals in the river which all of those want to catch me. I am scared, and paranoid thoughts keep capturing me. “How if this, how if that, how if blab la bla…” Oh God, this is really not easy.

So, finding those quotes make me feel a bit comfortable, half of my selves is back, not fully back yet, though. I keep saying to my selves “Believe me, it is really true, how much the miracle of life that you saw after taking the risks? Why do not you remember that? You got a lot of skills and experiences because you had a courage to decide to follow your husband abroad and gave up your career. Look at your children and your family now. They have been growing happily, healthy and smart because you dare to make a choice. You have been raising them with your own hand! Is not it an achievement? Aren’t you a great mom? Remember when you decide to be a cleaning service? That also needed a lot of courage, and you did it! Look what you got after being a cleaning service? You lost your ego (although not all), you got another skill, you know how important cleaning is, you have turned into another better person. That is the miracle of life, Darling, because of your courage and your braveness of taking the risks!

Still not enough? Now, remember when you dared to apply the scholarship. Whereas you have left your academic things for 6 years, you lost your confidence, you did not know how to write a proposal research, you even did not know how to start. But look! Because you dared to move, you got the scholarship! And then you took another risk. You had to leave your family during your master study. Wasn’t it hard? It was so hard. But again you did it, and look what you got! Only in a year, you got abundant of miracles! Remember, see, and feel what have you got during this year: got friends from 17 countries, improved your English , got new knowledge, inspired by many lecturers, went to many places, new skills, you even got another miracle to present your work in Barcelona, another challenge, another skill, another net working, another experiences. You have been proving it. The more risks you take, the more you get the priceless experiences. Wasn’t it enough?

So my darling, come on, wake up! Taking a risk is never easy. The higher you go, the more you get. This time the risk is much much more difficult, but if you trust the universal of law you will get another wonderful miracles! Lord never sleeps, come on, trust His law and you will never regret!”

* Rambling and mumbling to my selves when I am desperately loss of motivation*

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