Tugas Tepat, Belajar Bahasa jadi Cepat

Aw maluuu, si gw kalah euy bahasa Inggrisnya sama Lala, anak kelas 2 SMP yang sudah bisa nulis cerita in English dengan grammar yang oke. Sementara si gw yang mengaku sudah belajar bahasa Inggris sejak jaman dahulu kala ini, kalo disuruh ngomong dan nulis in English, teteep aja grammar nya masih banyaaak errornya phf….

Memang harus diakui bahasa Indonesia memiliki akar bahasa yang beda dengan bahasa-bahasa di Eropa, tapi tentunya faktor  bagaimana sistem mengajarkan bahasa tersebut juga berpengaruh terhadap kecepatan dan  ketepatan berbahasa si Anak.  Anak-anak di sekolah Belanda baru mulai belajar bahasa Inggris sejak kelas 5 SD, tapi mungkin karena sistem mengajarnya tidak melulu mengajarkan grammar (ga seperti emaknya yang dulu rasanya belajar bahasa Inggris sejak SMP isinya kebanyakan grammar melulu :D),  jadinya di kelas 2 SMP Lala dan temen-temennya sudah pada lancar ngomong dan nulis in English. Waktu kelas 1 SMP, Lala mengundang 5 orang temennya untuk bikin ‘pijama’s party’di hari ulang tahunnya di rumah dan mereka semua waktu diajak ngobrol dalam bahasa Inggris udah lancar cas cis cus gitu, padahal ya itu tadi, officially mereka baru belajar bahasa Inggris di sekolah sejak kelas 5 SD lho.

Apa sebabnya? Mungkin  salah satunya karena cara dan tugas-tugas dari sekolah yang tepat sasaran. Ini salah satu contoh tugas anak kelas 2 SMP dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris di sekolah Lala, siapa tahu bisa dijadikan ide tugas buat anak-anak yang ingin belajar bahasa Inggris dengan cepat:

Anak-anak ditugaskan untuk membaca sebuah buku dalam bahasa Inggris apa saja yang mereka suka dan lalu setiap anak diberi waktu presentasi 3 menit untuk meyakinkan audience bahwa buku yang dia baca itu memang layak untuk dijadikan film. Menarik bukan tugasnya? No wonder kalau akhirnya anak-anak jadi cepat belajar bahasa Inggrisnya.

Lala memilih untuk membaca buku Hunger Games 2, dan berusaha meyakinkan audience bahwa buku tersebut sangat bagus kalau difilmkan. Dan ini catatan resensi yang dia buat untuk tugas presentasinya. Buat yang belum baca bukunya siapa tahu bisa bikin penasaran untuk jadi ingin baca, enjoy ;).

Hunger Games 2 Resume

What would you do if you couldn’t marry the one you wanted to? Would you still marry the wrong one, or would you fight?

Katniss Everdeen, a girl who lives in Panem’s District Twelve wanted to fight back against the capitol. After she broke the ‘one-winner’ rule of the Hunger Games, she and Peeta helped creating a rebellion, without even knowing it.

Why? It all started with the reaping, one year ago. Primrose Everdeen, Katniss’ sister, along with Peeta Mellark, were chosen to represent the Hunger Games for their district. Of course, Katniss didn’t want her sister to. She volunteered as a tribute, and fought in the Hunger Games.

When all odds were against her, the game makers announced a rule that two people of the same district could stay alive, as long as they were a couple. Katniss decided to act like she was in love with Peeta, who was already in love with her.

In the very end the rules changed. There could only be one winner. Katniss didn’t want Peeta and her to die. She grabbed some night lock, which were berries that could kill you instantly, and told Peeta they had to eat them at the same time, so there won’t be a winner. The capitol wouldn’t allow that and they let them live.

Now, Katniss has to deal with the consequences. She has to marry Peeta and not Gale, her best friend and the one she really loves. That is not even everything. With the people from the districts against the Capitol and the rebellion started, there are even more problems.

As Katniss comes back from the Victory Tour, a tour around Panem you do when you win the Hunger Games, she meets two people from district 8. They tried to escape to district 13, a district they thought to be gone.

This year there is going to be another Hunger Games. A quarter quell, which came once in twenty-five years. Here she is forced to be a tribute along with Peeta and past victors from the other districts.

The game’s arena is a jungle with a salt water lake. During the game she and Peeta team up with a lot of people. One of them is called Wiress, and tells them the arena is shaped like a clock and all the disasters happen in a specific time.

Wiress gets killed and Katniss and Peeta get the idea to use a lightning, which comes at twelve ‘o clock, to destroy the force field around the arena to escape. Katniss uses her archery skills, and the plan succeeds. But she blows the arena up, and Peeta is nowhere to be found.  Katniss is brought to district 13. Peeta is not there, but Gale appears and tells her district 12 is blown up.

When I read this book, I pictured everything in my head like a movie. It was described very well, and I want to see how it would be if it was a real movie. It was described very well how Katniss felt, since the book was written in first person. Sometimes I even thought I knew that feeling.I hoped you liked it, and May the odds will be ever in you favor. (Written by Lala Ismail, second grade junior high school)

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