Mom and kids conversations

Having children is a blessed. They teach us a lot of things, of course sometimes they make us ‘crazy’, but it’s very often that they cheer us up with their innocence. Today is my English day, so I asked my children to speak in English with me. This 2 conversations were really in English, I just corrected their grammar mistakes here.

One night before time to bed, mom and son conversation:

Son: “Mommy…I love you…so much!” suddenly he ran and cuddled me.
Mommy: “Oh Honey…I love you too…so much.”
Son: “My love is soo big… as big as God.”
Mommy:”What? Say again how big is your Love Darling?”
Son: “As big as God!”
Mommy: *Smiling* “Oh…It’s so sweet Darling, but you can’t love me as big as God. God is everything, He is not comparable.”
Son: “Okay then, I love you as big as God, but minus 1 person.”
Mommy: *Laughing* Haha…smart boy. “Thank you Honey, I know that you love me very very much, about Rosulullah? Do you love him?”
Son: “No, I don’t know him, I never meet him, why should I love him?”
Mommy: *Tried not to laugh* “Hmm…okay, but you know him, don’t you?”
Son: “Yeah okay I know him, but why should I love him, he is a guy!”
Mommy: *Can’t stop laughing* “Ayaah…did you hear that? Did you hear our conversation? Another homework is waiting….:D”

On a sunny day, mom and daughter conversation:

Mommy: “Remember what I told you Yesterday Honey, life is hard, just be prepared.”
Daughter:”No Mom, life is not hard, life is soft. It depends on how we look at it. Just look at the bright side and you will see the sun shine.”
Mommy: “OMG! Look at what you said! my little princes, you are growing up now, I am so proud of you Darling.” *laughing*
Daughter: “Haha, I am. and now what, why are you surprise and laughing, will you put my words on facebook Mom? I know you will..haha”
Mommy: “Ahaha you know it! Of course I will, otherwise I’ll forget. You know that I try to collect every pieces of your development”

And here it is the note…a piece of my collection that I also put it in my facebook :)

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